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Types of practices


(Mergers & Acquisitions, M & As) are transactions that, along with the transfer of ownership, involve, above all, a change of control over the enterprise (Corporate Control). Although in this, the participants in the process pursue more economic goals and are mainly aimed at consolidating business and capital at the macro and microeconomic levels, nevertheless the participation of a lawyer in these process is very important and the need for such participation has been proven during the long practice. History knows many examples where poor legal support of merger processes and / or absorption led to the failure of a good business idea, large losses for participants in the process and other negative consequences. Therefore, we are aware of the importance of the work of a lawyer, whether it is to conduct a due diligence of the objects of a merger or absorption, or the subject of this process, or the drafting of contracts and other documents, in particular corporate documents related to the completion of the process. Our team has good experience in this industry, and sufficient competence to provide legal assistance in this area at a high level.