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Types of practices


According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, property rights mean that the owner has the opportunity to own, use and dispose of property. Our experience of representing clients in courts shows that most property disputes could have been avoided if a competent lawyer were involved in the transactions. Often, disputes arose due to the fact that the acquirer did not study the history of the acquired property, or did not attach much importance to studying the property status of the buyer or seller; or property acquisition scheme; did not examine the existence of third-party rights to a part of the property or to the land in which the acquired buildings and structures are located. Such a superficial attitude leads to costly disputes and losses, sometimes both money and acquired property.

Members of the Virtus Leo team have experience in supporting the acquisition of property, including privatized enterprises. To date, not one of the recommendations of the company has led to the loss of customers. There are cases where, as a result of the recommendations of our specialists, the client has avoided a great loss. Our specialists know what documents need to be studied and how to draw up a contract related to the transfer of rights to property, including the acquisition of privatized property.