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Types of practices


In the Republic of Uzbekistan, disputes may be resolved in economic and administrative courts or in a courts for civil cases.

The Economic Court has jurisdiction for the following disputes:

1) disputes arising in the economic sphere between legal entities, individual entrepreneurs or/and government offices;

2) corporate disputes, regardless of the status of the parties (legal entities, individuals and government bodies) of the dispute, with the exception of labor disputes;

2) cases on the establishing a legal significant fact;

3) bankruptcy cases;

4) cases related to the arbitration tribunal (issuance of a writ of execution  decision of an arbitration tribunal, cancellation of a decision of an arbitration tribunal, the adoption of interim measures, etc.);

6) cases on the recognition and enforcement of decisions of a foreign court and international commercial arbitration.

Economic courts consider cases on the basis of a written application from the claimant (applicant) for the following types of disputes:

1) disputes arising at the conclusion of the contract, if the parties are obliged to conclude a contract on the basis of the law;

2) disputes arising from the conclusion of the contract (if the parties have been agreed to apply to the court);

3) disputes on an amendment or a termination of the contract;

4) disputes on invalidation of the transaction;

5) disputes on non-performance or improper performance of obligations;

6) disputes on the recognition of property rights;

7) disputes on the recovery of the property from defender's illegal possession and other property disputes;

8) disputes regarding the violation of property rights to objects of intellectual property and means of the individualization of goods, works and / or services;

9) disputes on collecting difprotection of business reputation;

12) claims arising from the actions of state bodies and others.

The civil courts are responsible for the following cases:

1) on disputes arising from civil, family, labor, housing, land and other legal relations, if at least one of the parties is an individual;

2) special proceedings, i.e. on the establishment of facts of legal significance; on the adoption of a child (adoption); on recognition of a citizen as missing and declaring a citizen dead; on the recognition of a citizen of limited ability to work or incapable; on hospitalization of a person in a psychiatric hospital in an involuntary or prolonged period of hospitalization; on the hospitalization of a person to a specialized department of a tuberculosis institution in an involuntary or prolonged period of hospitalization; declaring a minor fully capable (emancipation); on recognition of property (things) as ownerless; on restoration of rights for lost bearer documents (call proceedings); about restoration of the lost judicial proceedings;

3) resolved in the order of the writ proceedings;

4) to challenge the decisions of arbitration courts and to issue a writ of execution for the enforcement of decisions of arbitration courts;

5) on recognition and enforcement of decisions of foreign courts and foreign arbitration courts (arbitration).

In the Republic of Uzbekistan, administrative courts resolve cases:

1) on challenging departmental legal acts;

2) on challenging decisions, actions (inaction) of government bodies, other organizations authorized to carry out administrative and legal activities (hereinafter referred to as administrative bodies), citizens’ self-government bodies and their officials who do not comply with the law and violate the rights and legally protected interests of citizens or legal entities;

3) challenging actions (decisions) of election commissions;

4) contesting the refusal to perform a notarial act, registering civil status records, or actions (inaction) of a notary or an official of a civil status registration body;

5) to appeal against the refusal of state registration or evasion of state registration within the prescribed period.

The Virtus Leo team has a good practice of representing our clients in courts. We have experience in almost all categories of disputes that may be considered in the courts of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

However, the team of Virtus Leo has a good practice for resolving disputes before the trial, or by amicable agreement during the trial. We take seriously this opportunity to resolve the dispute, because in most cases, a peaceful resolution of the dispute is much more beneficial for our client than even winning a court hearing.