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Types of practices


Legal assistance in the field of consumer rights protection is, in our opinion, one of the most important branches of law, which ensures the continuous improvement of the quality and safety of goods and services, including the establishment of information value of goods and services. Consumer protection is a set of measures implemented by the state, social movements and other interested parties, aimed at regulating the relations arising between the consumer (an individual purchasing a product or service for personal, family, household and other needs not related to entrepreneurial activity) and a business entity - manufacturer, performer, seller. These measures include: the establishment of specific consumer rights; forms of possible violations of rights and the mechanism of their protection; liability for violation of consumer rights. Thus, in obtaining qualified legal assistance in the field of consumer protection not only consumers of goods and services whose rights have been violated are interested, but also producers of goods and services, since violations of consumer rights cause significant losses for the producer of goods and services, and such losses are often the result of not the correct formulation of the processes, and not the properties of the service or product itself, including due to the incorrect choice of protection strategy in case of problems related to case against consumer requirements. Virtus Leo has good practice in the field of both consumer protection and the protection of producers of goods and services, including those related to legal risk management.