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Types of practices

Private equity, real estate and property law

Private property, real estate, and other property rights: According to the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, property rights grant owners the ability to own, use, and dispose of their property.

Our experience representing clients in courts demonstrates that many property disputes could have been avoided if competent legal professionals were involved in the transactions. Often, disputes arise due to a lack of investigation into the history of the acquired property, insufficient attention to the property status of the buyer or seller, the property acquisition scheme, or the examination of third-party rights to the property or the land on which the acquired buildings and structures are located. Such a superficial approach leads to costly disputes and losses, both in terms of finances and the acquired property.

Members of the Virtus Leo team have experience supporting property acquisitions, including privatized enterprises. To date, our company's recommendations have not resulted in any customer losses. There have been cases where our specialists' recommendations have helped clients avoid significant losses. Our team understands the necessary documents to study and how to draft contracts related to property rights transfer, including the acquisition of privatized property.