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Types of practices

Litigation / Controversy

Litigation / pre-trial settlement (civil, administrative, and economic cases): In the Republic of Uzbekistan, disputes can be resolved in economic and administrative courts or civil courts.

The Economic Court has jurisdiction over the following disputes:

Disputes arising in the economic sphere involving legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, or government offices.
Corporate disputes, regardless of the status of the parties (legal entities, individuals, or government bodies), excluding labor disputes.
Cases establishing legally significant facts.
Bankruptcy cases.
Cases related to arbitration disputes (issuance of writs of execution based on arbitral tribunal decisions, cancellation of arbitral tribunal decisions, interim measures, etc.).
Cases regarding the recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions and international commercial arbitration.
Economic courts consider cases based on a written application from the claimant (applicant) for the following types of disputes:
Disputes arising from the conclusion of contracts when the parties are obliged to enter into a contract under the law.
Disputes arising from contract agreements when the parties agree to resolve them through court proceedings.
Disputes regarding amendments or terminations of contracts.
Disputes involving the invalidation of transactions.
Disputes related to non-performance or improper performance of obligations.
Disputes concerning the recognition of property rights.
Disputes involving the recovery of property from unlawful possession and other property disputes.
Disputes regarding the violation of property rights to intellectual property objects and means of product, work, or service individualization.
Disputes for claiming various damages.
Disputes related to the protection of business reputation.
Claims arising from the actions of state bodies and others.

Civil courts are responsible for the following cases:

Disputes arising from civil, family, labor, housing, land, and other legal relations involving at least one individual as a party.
Special proceedings, such as establishing legally significant facts, adoption, recognition of a citizen as missing, declaration of a citizen's death, recognition of a citizen as partially or fully incapable, hospitalization in psychiatric or tuberculosis institutions, and restoration of lost judicial proceedings.
Proceedings resolved through writ proceedings.
Challenging decisions of arbitration courts and issuing writs of execution for the enforcement of arbitration court decisions.
Recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions and foreign arbitration awards.

Administrative courts in the Republic of Uzbekistan handle cases:

Challenging departmental legal acts.
Challenging decisions, actions (or inactions) of administrative bodies, citizens' self-government bodies, and their officials that violate the rights and legally protected interests of citizens or legal entities.
Challenging actions (or decisions) of election commissions.
Contesting refusals to perform notarial acts, register civil status records, or actions (or inactions) of notaries or officials of civil status registration bodies.
Appealing against refusals of state registration or non-compliance with state registration within the prescribed period.
The Virtus Leo team has extensive experience representing clients in courts. We handle almost all categories of disputes that can be considered in the courts of the Republic of Uzbekistan. We also have a successful track record in resolving disputes through pre-trial settlements or amicable agreements during trials. We take this opportunity seriously, as peaceful resolutions often benefit our clients more than simply winning a court case.