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Types of practices


The effective business management and its development is impossible without using the knowledge of specialists in the field of tax and customs law. In this regard, this branch of law is no less important for effective conducting business than contractual or corporate law. The issues of taxation of operations and tax planning are currently becoming particularly relevant in Uzbekistan, in the context of reforming taxation in the country as a whole and developing the new version of the Tax and Customs codes and, as a result, building a new rule in these fields and with implementation the new rules for interacting with regulatory and controlling authorities. And given the refusal of the state from the simplified taxation system for a significant number of taxpayers, the relevance of tax planning will increase in near future.

Our specialists have considerable experience and extensive practice in providing legal services in the field of taxation and customs, both in the form of advising on issues arising at clients, and in the form of comprehensive and effective business support.

Along with a comprehensive list of legal assistance, Virtus Leo has the opportunity to provide the following legal assistances:

  • advising on taxation of the transactions and customs procedures, including taxation of business transactions with non-residents;
  • tax planning for individuals and legal entities, including non-residents, taking into account the features, forms and structure of doing business in foreign countries;
  • representation of interests in relations with regulatory, law enforcement and other government agencies;
  • representing the clients of the Firm during pre-trial procedures and legal disputes arising between our clients and the controlling, law enforcement and other government agencies;
  •  defending the interests of our clients during inspections conducted by the tax, customs and other goverment bodies and etc.