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Workshop on the Judicial Systems of Uzbekistan and Georgia by Virtus Leo Law Firm in collaboration with Andersen Georgia and MG Law (Georgia) within Andersen Global

Within the scope of Andersen Global's litigation practice, Virtus Leo Law Firm, in collaboration with Andersen Georgia and Legal Firm MG Law (Georgia), successfully conducted a workshop on the topic of "Judicial Systems of Uzbekistan and Georgia." The event, held on July 28, 2023, aimed to provide valuable insights into the legal frameworks and procedures for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Uzbekistan and Georgia.

Legal experts and professionals from all three firms delivered comprehensive presentations on the judicial systems of both countries. The seminar offered participants in-depth knowledge of the legal processes, with a particular focus on the practices concerning the recognition and enforcement of foreign court decisions in both Uzbekistan and Georgia.

The presentations covered various aspects, including court structures, legislative frameworks, and dispute resolution mechanisms operating in Uzbekistan and Georgia. Special attention was given to the procedures for recognizing and enforcing foreign court decisions within the jurisdictions of both countries, equipping attendees with practical knowledge to effectively handle cross-border legal matters.

The seminar provided an interactive platform for participants to engage with legal experts and professionals from diverse industries and legal domains. The exchange of ideas and experiences enhanced participants' understanding of the judicial systems of both countries and fostered valuable professional connections.

Virtus Leo Law Firm, Andersen Georgia, and Legal Firm MG Law (Georgia) demonstrated their commitment to promoting legal knowledge sharing and strengthening collaboration in the field of international law. The seminar facilitated networking opportunities and explored potential avenues for future cooperation between legal practitioners from Uzbekistan and Georgia.

The organizers express their sincere appreciation to all participants for their active engagement and valuable contributions, which contributed to the seminar's resounding success. Virtus Leo Law Firm, Andersen Georgia, and Legal Firm MG Law (Georgia) look forward to continuing their efforts in organizing informative events in the future.

Alisher Zayntudinov
Managing Partner
Virtus Leo LF